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  1. February 27, 2019

    What to Do If Your Bundles Are Dull

    What to Do If Your Bundles Are Dull

    Are your bundle starting to look a little lifeless and dry? Do you notice your that the longer you wear your bundles the texture changes? Well here’s a solution to your problem.

    Here are some Tips:

    • Deep condition your bundles for 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Wash your bundles with a Clarifying Shampoo.
    • Use a light serum to put on your hair before straightening or curling your bundles.

    Here’s another tip you might have never thought to use, Dawn Soap. Yes, you read it right Dawn Dish Soap is an anti-bacterial soap that is good for getting bacteria and excess dirt and oils from your hair. Side-note: If it can clean the birds it can clean your bundles.

    Here are some hair products we recommend:

    • Silicon Mix Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Crème of Nature Argan Oil Products

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  2. February 21, 2019

    What are Your Best Options if You Have Alopecia?

    What are Your Best Options if You Have Alopecia?


    Many women suffer from hair loss from multiple factors. Alopecia is when your hair comes out in certain areas of your head. Sometimes it’s treatment for it to get the hair follicles back, sometimes it isn’t. But no matter your hair condition we can get you felling like your best self.

    Image result for alopecia

    An option that I recommend for women with Alopecia are wigs. Wigs are the best option to not have a lot of tension on your hair. Wigs can either be glued or sewed down. If you purchase a lace front wig they come with combs and a strap and doesn’t necessarily have to worn with adhesive. So, if your that type of woman who doesn’t want any adhesive purchase a lace front wig. With a Full Lace Wig you have to us ad

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  3. February 19, 2019

    Picking the Right Lace Color for Your Frontal and Closure

    Picking the Right Lace Color for Your Frontal and Closure


    When you’re purchasing your closures and frontals do you find your stylist applying too much make-up to make the lace color match your skin? Here at Hair Fetish Atlanta we have different lace colors to match your skin tone. 

    Lace Frontal  Body Wavy 13x4, 13x6,13x8

    When purchasing the lace here at Hair Fetish Atlanta we have 3 different colors light brown, medium brown, and dark brown so you can color match the lace to your skin tone. The next thing you can do is use a nylon stocking wig cap closest to your color to put under your lace. You can also try tinting your lace if needed.

    Lace Clo

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  4. February 12, 2019

    Finding Your Right Cap Size for Your Wig.

    Finding Your Right Cap Size


    Full Lace Wigs are starting to become a world-wide trend, even though they have been around for some time.  What a lot of women don’t know is that full lace wigs can come in different sizes. We offer small, medium, large, and custom cap sizes. So not only do we sell full lace wigs we try to achieve the best fit for you.

    Our small wig caps are for women with small heads.  The circumference for a small cap is 21.5 cm. We highly recommend this size for any woman with a very small head. But we also ask for more measurements, because if your head is too small for a small cap you will need a custom size.


    Circumference 21.5" 
    Front to nape 13.5"
    Ear to Ear across forehead 11"
    Ear to Ear over top 12"

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  5. February 07, 2019

    How to Maintain Virgin Hair in the Summer

    How to Maintain Virgin Hair in the Summer


    Many women get the misperception that virgin hair is hard to maintain in the summer. Yes, it might seem that way, but even our real hair will frizz in the summer because of the heat. Most women go to braids for a more carefree style in the summer, but don’t sleep on the virgin hair!


    If you’re looking for a big voluminous curl, to give you the beautiful curly hair, try our Brazilian Jerry Curl hair. Our Brazilian Jerry Curl hair is very curly yet manageable. It can be easily straightened but will take some time to get bone straight. To maintain this curl pattern all you must do is get a spray bottle and put leave-in conditioner and water in it and finger comb your hair.


    Curly textures are very easy to manage although many people think it’s harder to keep up with. It just takes a little extra effort to get that flawless look.


    Our Brazilian Deep wave

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  6. February 02, 2019

    Why Straight hair is the best choice for beginners in the Virgin Hair World.

    Our straight hair is always in style and it gives a very sleek look. It’s very easy to manage and style. If you’re new to wearing Virgin Hair, we always recommend that your try Straight Hair first. The reason why is because it’s the easiest texture to maintain on your own.

     18" inch Brazilian Straight 100% Virgin Human Hair Extension Bundle Weft

    To maintain straight hair all you need is a flat iron, frizz control, a comb or brush. We recommend that you wash the hair every 2 weeks. However, it’s best you only have a sew-in no longer than 2 and a half months.


    You can create a side part with a bang swept to

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  7. January 29, 2019

    Brazilian and Malaysian Deep Wave

    Spring time is near, and our deep wave hair is the ultimate go to style!! Our Brazilian and Malaysian Deep Wave hair is a get up and go style. It’s wavy enough to just spray and go especially if you’re in a rush or just don’t have the time to sit in the mirror. I mean, who wants to wake up and worry about styling their hair every morning?! So, when all you want to do is get up and go, you can’t go wrong with deep wave hair. It’s sexy and appealing.

     14" inch Brazilian Deep Wave 100% Virgin Human Hair Extension Bundle Weft

    So, let’s get into the maintenance. Whenever you feel it’s time to revive or define your curls, all you will need is a detangle brush, spray bottle, some leave-in conditioner or curl custard, and your curls are back Poppin!!!!!! Beware of the products you use, because some can dry out your hair. We recommend u

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  8. January 23, 2019

    Why Virgin Hair is Better than Beauty Supply Store Extensions

    At one point in time going to the beauty supply store was lit! We all thought we were getting quality hair for cheap prices until Virgin Hair became available to us. Don’t get me wrong for quick hairstyles the beauty supply store can get you right. But I honestly would only shop with with them for all the products for your hair that they offer. There hair is a different story.


    Beauty supply stores sell bad quality hair with synthetic fibers.

    Image result for matted weave hair

    The hair seems as if it will last long but doesn’t. From our experience in having a salon most people that big in beauty supply store hair doesn’t want a look long. Most customers believe they are spending less money going there, but in reality over time they spend more. Why spend more money on hair from the beauty supply store when you can purchase quality hair from u

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