Tribal Braids protective hairstyles have been around since 1990’s with some celebrities such as Alicia Keys, The Brat and more. This is a must try hair style and now we have Full Lace Wigs created into Tribal Braids for purchase. 

Tribal Braids Alicia Keys


These braids can be arrange or plaited in many different ways. Our licensed braider will even accept pictures of your favorite tribal braid. Also its about the accessories, beads, ribbons, browns or even jewels or you can make your own.


So yes you can wear this look anytime you get ready and it looks like the braids are coming out your scalp. See picture below is for sale on our website right now in small, medium or large caps and shoulder length, mid-back and long braids. Just let us know how you want yours and we will get it done within 2 weeks.

Tribal Braided Full Lace Wig with baby hair


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