Picking the Right Lace Color for Your Frontal and Closure


When you’re purchasing your closures and frontals do you find your stylist applying too much make-up to make the lace color match your skin? Here at Hair Fetish Atlanta we have different lace colors to match your skin tone. 

Lace Frontal  Body Wavy 13x4, 13x6,13x8

When purchasing the lace here at Hair Fetish Atlanta we have 3 different colors light brown, medium brown, and dark brown so you can color match the lace to your skin tone. The next thing you can do is use a nylon stocking wig cap closest to your color to put under your lace. You can also try tinting your lace if needed.

Lace Closure 4x4, 5x5, 6x6  Body Wavy

Light brown lace is for light brown skin. Medium brown lace ranges from skin tones medium brown to medium dark brown. Dark Brown is for very dark brown skin. We also offer transparent lace which is for fair skin tones.

We offer lace frontal and lace closure installs here at Hair Fetish Atlanta in our salon you can book online at www.hairfetishatlantasalon.com. We have frontals in-store and online at www.hairfetishatatlanta.com.