How to Maintain Virgin Hair in the Summer


Many women get the misperception that virgin hair is hard to maintain in the summer. Yes, it might seem that way, but even our real hair will frizz in the summer because of the heat. Most women go to braids for a more carefree style in the summer, but don’t sleep on the virgin hair!


If you’re looking for a big voluminous curl, to give you the beautiful curly hair, try our Brazilian Jerry Curl hair. Our Brazilian Jerry Curl hair is very curly yet manageable. It can be easily straightened but will take some time to get bone straight. To maintain this curl pattern all you must do is get a spray bottle and put leave-in conditioner and water in it and finger comb your hair.


Curly textures are very easy to manage although many people think it’s harder to keep up with. It just takes a little extra effort to get that flawless look.


Our Brazilian Deep wave hair gives you a more defined curly/wavy texture. It’s the most popular curly style and its maintenance is just like the Brazilian Jerry Curl. So, whichever curl pattern you’re looking for we got it!

Now on to the most important tip!! Frizz Control is your friend! Let me repeat this again. Frizz control is your friend. If you’re worried about frizz putting some frizz control on your hair does NO HARM. You don’t want to put too much in your head though. Using a pea size amount and rubbing your hands together goes a long way. So, look I just dropped some jewels. I use frizz control on my virgin hair all the time, so trust me sis, it’s great to keep the flawless look in the summer!!!


So now that you all know how to maintain your hair in the summer, and the number one thing you need. Drop the braids and get on the virgin hair train all year long! We have everything you need from closures, frontals, wigs, and bundles. Hair Fetish Atlanta is your one stop shop!!!


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