Finding Your Right Cap Size


Full Lace Wigs are starting to become a world-wide trend, even though they have been around for some time.  What a lot of women don’t know is that full lace wigs can come in different sizes. We offer small, medium, large, and custom cap sizes. So not only do we sell full lace wigs we try to achieve the best fit for you.

Our small wig caps are for women with small heads.  The circumference for a small cap is 21.5 cm. We highly recommend this size for any woman with a very small head. But we also ask for more measurements, because if your head is too small for a small cap you will need a custom size.


Circumference 21.5" 
Front to nape 13.5"
Ear to Ear across forehead 11"
Ear to Ear over top 12"
Temple to Temple around back 14"
Nape of Neck 5"


Medium Cap sizes are the most popular size. Many companies sell this size in a full lace wig, however this size is too big for a small head. Medium caps circumference is 22.5. Most women heads are this size but if this size is too small you will need a large cap.


Circumference 22.5"
Front to Nape 14.5"
Ear to Ear across forehead 11.5"
Ear to Ear over the top 12.5" 
Temple to Temple around back 14.5"
Nape of Neck 5.5"


Large Caps sizes can fit any gender. The circumference of this cap is 23.5. Most companies do not carry this size so sometimes this will be consider a custom order. However here at Real Hair By Lady J we keep them in stock.


Circumference 23.5 "
Front to Nape 15.5"
Ear to Ear across Forehead 12"
Ear to Ear over top 13.5"
Temple to Temple around back 15.5"
Nape of neck 6"


Custom order wig caps are for anyone who’s head is in between measurements. The custom wig caps are also for anyone who wants the perfect fit. We have a chart that you can measure your head to get the fit you need. So shop with us and click the Full Lace Wig tab. 

Below is a picture on how to meausre you head.