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  1. March 12, 2019

    Start Your Own Hair Extension Business

    How to start a successful Hair Extension Business

    We have over 10 years’ experience in selling Hair Extensions, Frontals, Closures and Wigs so when you join our wholesale club you have experience hair experts. We have 5 tips to help your start a hair business attract new customers and grow.

    • Have a Reliable Vendor
    • Start Your Brand Name
    • Learn What Your Selling
    • Stock Up all Lengths
    • Marketing

    #1 Our Staff is Dependable, Honest and Beautiful Staff wearing our Hair Line 

    Our Staff


    Starting a Hair Business is easier than you think if you have an experience team of Hair Ext

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  2. March 12, 2019

    What to Do If You Have A Scalp Condition

    What to Do If You Have A Scalp Condition


    Are you finding yourself with excessive dandruff and build up under your braids when taking down your install? You could possibly have scalp psoriasis, dermatitis in the scalp, along with a few other scalp conditions. The first thing you would want to do is visit a dermatologist to get a therapeutic shampoo to use on your scalp to help with your condition. The next thing you want to ensure your stylist isn’t braiding your hair too tight when you’re getting your install, the tightness from the braids will cause further inflammation and cause the scalp to swell and dry more. You should also make sure your stylist is putting oil on your scalp after your braid down to help stimulate the scalp and keep it from drying out more. Lastly, if you notice you have a condition in your scalp it’s best to not keep your install or wigs on for too long. By doing this you’re causing more harm to your scalp.


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